Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yeast Run

How long is too long, oh Lord? How long? When do you decide to stop re-pitching your ale yeast? Maybe, if you are a gambling man(or woman), you pitch it twenty times. If you like to play it safe maybe you propogate a new pitchable amount of our microscopic little helpers after nine or ten brews. I tend to want to keep it fresh and am cutting it off at eight brews. Without a QA/QC lab set up I have only my taste buds and fermentation log to determine how stressed my yeast might be.

So, with this in mind, it's time for me to fill up my VDub Diesel and take a trip to visit Brian & Kelly up at Southern Brewing Supply in Tampa. I'll probably just get a smack pack or two of 1056 and step it up into a pitchable amount from there.

With several special events coming up Little Giant is looking to brew some tasty delights that will make otherwise gentlemanly men slobber and seemingly classy women squirm.

Come down to Anna Maria and visit the BierGaarten, we get lonely in paradise.

Brews ready to drink right NOW:
Belgian Dubbel
Hellish Double IPA
Pine Ave. Pale Ale
Tail-End Hefe Weizen

Soon Come: Melly's Harpy Lager