Monday, May 26, 2014

Keep It Moving, Keep It Frothy.

Hey there good people,

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all who have served this country in places far and near.  The sacrifices you make personally, physically and in your families are much appreciated.

So, here at LGB there is much movement in a forward direction these days with construction and frothy/quaffable beverages.  

Major construction is underway at our building(301 7th Street East, Bradenton). Basically we have a new building in the area of the tasting room -- new roof, new steel walls, etc. It's the skylights I enjoy the most. Oh, and the fact that it doesn't rain inside anymore! 
We're moving through the plumbing stage now and on the flip-side of that we'll start constructing the bar and bathrooms(the real heart of any tasting room, haha).

Beer-wise we poured at The Lucky Dog Beer Festival at McKechnie Filed this past Saturday. Much fun was had and our Sunshine Mountain Saison garnered a really fun quote by a patron:
“It tastes like I'm skipping through a field of flowers on a mountaintop with my best friend,” Edel said laughing. “It's really good.”  
I couldn't have said it better myself, but then again, I am constantly climbing Sunshine Mountain. Have fun, Folks!