Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Leaps & Bounds

Hey there Good People,

Patience and fortitude will surely pay off for the beer lovers in our area.  We are going from two to seven breweries in Bradenton/Sarasota this year. Awesome!  Here's a piece SNN6 news channel is running this week about our rising craft brewery scene.  Pretty sweet.

The Little Giant Brewery project is moving along quite nicely.  We recently joined forces with an architectural firm down the block from the brewery to work on final construction plans.  Good folks for sure who are equally as excited as we to add something special to our little neighborhood by the river.  Once we finalize the plans for our tasting room and beer garden we should start rolling along fairly quickly.  There's even talk of having a little dog park on site where the old volleyball court was(from when the building was the Gulf Coast Marine Institute).  Our brewery hound/security chief, Chloe, adopted the space as her personal exercise track so I thought "why not a dog park?" All beasts are welcome to enjoy the brewery, except tegus, pythons, or rabid hyenas.