Saturday, October 31, 2009

Devil's Day

Time to get a little weird for Devil's Day here at LGB. I know some folks in Sarasota are having a Spooktacular Fun time drinking the Belgian Brown Ale and the Special Reserve Imperial IPA. Me? Well, I'll be sporting my Speedo and traditional Lucha Libre wrestling mask while brewing one of my favorites-- traditional DoppelBock. Just like the monks make it over in the hills overlooking Munich. What do they wear under those tunichs anyway? A black Speedo no doubt. Have fun. Mahalo.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

BillaBock, Bay Fest, Overhead Peeler

It's been a heated season here in Anna Maria, and I'm not just talking about the 90 degree plus brewdays. The political season and the struggle for control of the five Anna Maria City Commission seats are making for some interesting dialogue as well as we are coming up on BayFest time again. This year it takes place on October 16 & 17, two days of music, crafts and lots of sweaty locals wearing jeans, no shirts and drinking nearly flavorless beer -- and that's just the women. Luckily, Little Giant Brewery will have a presence providing some all-malt love for the those who seek such. I'll be over at the brewery on Saturday the 17th where we'll quaff some Illicit Imperial IPA as well as a bit of Overhead Peeler Porter. All Island Realty is having an open house a block or so down Pine Avenue where the infamous British Strong Ale will no doubt create some dizzy mayhem -- I hear there is also a classic car exhibition there as well. If you run into anybody who knows Brent the Scuba Ace, ask them for directions to his open house where Little Giant Hefe-Weizen will be poured. And--if you are really brazen and wanting more Little Giant--you can attempt to crash a rehearsal dinner on North Shore drive where BillaBock will be enjoyed by a really nice couple and their family who will no doubt be in shock when you show up. Ok for now, tomorrow I'll brew some more Morning After Pils. Selah.