Saturday, August 1, 2009


सो अस इ हवे एक्स्प्लैनेद आईटी तो पोपले -- "इ हवे अ नेवर एंडिंग लिस्ट ऑफ़ तस्क्स तो अच्कोम्प्लिश तो स्टार्ट थिस ब्रेवेरी अन्दिफ इ दोन'टी अच्कोम्प्लिश थेम थे दोन'टी गेट दोने। अ फमिलिअर सेंटिमेंट फॉर अन्योने व्हो हस ताकें थे दिवे इन्तो एन्त्रेपेंयूर्शिप. For some reason, unbeknownst to the author, Hindi has become the official language of the Little Giant Brewery. If, in fact you understand Hindi you would find the Brewer/Proprietors' view of the unbelievably huge pile of tasks laying between brewing up delicious liquid treats for my publicans to enjoy and actually bringing said treats to market. You can always stop by the brewery at 105 Tarpon st. Anna Maria, FL 34216 to enjoy the brews and watch me mill around the shack doing my best impression of a taskmaster on his way to running a successful business. And if you have a special event you want Little Giant Brewery to participate in, just let me know here.

Hey! It's about time to head over to my humble shed of a brewhouse and prepare for a Sunday morning brew. As long as the lager yeast has flocculated we're brewing up another ultra-enjoyable Helles-style treat to be enjoyed on these highly temperate, sometimes hellish Dog Days of Florida's summer. Let's just say it will pair well with our slip-and-slide in the beer garden.

As a side note: I apologize to all those beer-lovers who crave double-imperial-bourbon-cask-aged-espresso-infused-chickory-honey-stouts, but it's just too goddamn hot to consider at this point -- I'm sticking with quaffable brews until the fall, and then we can roll out the barrels.