Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Craft Brewers Conference Chicago!

Hi there Folks. Little Giant Brewery travels to Chicago, Birthplace of its' Brewer, to do some business and find some unique brews at the 2010 Craft Brewers Conference. Among other things, like the welcome reception at The Field Museum, I'm really looking forward to catching up with some old friends and comrades from Two Brothers Brewing Company, Abita & Metropolitan Brewing. Great folks who embody the spirit of great beer and back it up with some great brews. The Siebel Institute of Technology is hosting an alumni event as well that should be worth some laughs and tasty pints.

I'll be hitting the trade show floor hard looking for some good small-scale production brewing equipment and any other deals I can get my hands on. The timing of the conference couldn't be better as Little Giant Brewery will be growing a bit over the summer -- talks with the City of Anna Maria have begun and a slightly larger and healthier environment for the Little Giant has been chosen. Steps away from our current tarpon Street location.

Ok for now, drop me line if you want to visit the brewery. You know you are always welcome!