Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy September

Hey there,

Let's make this a Happy September, Folks.  If we can't be Happy, Joyous, or Jubilant then let's at least work on making it Lively.  Why the request for Liveliness?  Because otherwise we may melt -- it'll be 90+ degrees for another 6 weeks around here, and if we don't get up and do the Goat Dance under the full moon while drinking some cold LGB BillaBock we may not survive another month. Take my word on it.

By the way-- is it true that if doused with Craft Brewed beer, Bud Girls will melt like the Wicked Witch of the West?  You may wanna try that next time you're out.  Make sure to get some video & get back to me on that one.

Working on our new location down off of 301 in southern Manatee county.  These are exciting times for the The Little Giant Brewery.  For now we are still brewing at our Tarpon St. location.  I'll try to hold on to the shack for as long as I can even after the move -- It's just too good of a place to hide from normalcy.

Ok for now, the new contact number for Little Giant Brewery 941.962.6650. Scrap the (708) number.



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