Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Independence Weekend & Beer

Here at LGB we live by the higher ideals of Independence and Self-Determination.  We will bring you the finest independently brewed ales and lagers that your palate and liver desire.  We also proudly depend on the farming families who provide us with the freshest hops and the maltsters that allow us to turn barley into liquid gold. So to those fine folks that fly under the radar while we brewers reap all the publicity above ground and under -- we salute you & your efforts, Cheers!

There's a busy and super-social weekend coming up so swing by the brewery on Friday or Saturday July 1 & 2 for a Tour of Frothiness.  We'll be closed on July 3 & 4 for special events, not to mention some much needed beach time.

So above you find a very, very crude and almost rude sketch of our logo.  If anybody can draw my little satyr with big beer mugs better than this brewer -- you may be showered in glory.  Sounds scary, I know but it will be worth your while.  Get back to me on that one.  This brewery is a community effort on many fronts, particularly the illustrative front.

Go find The Little Giant Brewery on Facebook, Twitter, or at 2230 Whitfield Park Drive Sarasota, FL 34243.

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