Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yes, We Will Rise Up & Conquer the Beer Wilderness!

No Seriously.

The Little Giant Brewery was born of humble beginnings in a beach shack in Anna Maria. . .  A shack that could have and problably should have been condemned . . . a place known to support the life habits of Black Widows(of the arachnid variety, not the scary human kind).  And lo, though we also were aware of palm rats in the rafters, they never got indulged in our grain stores, and for that we are grateful.  Times are changing though and we are moving to another kind of wilderness.

Soon we will vacate our current home(a very clean place, fyi) off of Whitfield Avenue and head north into the beer wilderness of Bradenton.  I, for one, enjoy the wilderness and intend to make it as habitable as possible for other beer lovers and other kind folks.  Keep in touch on Facebook & Twitter for updates as we work with the Bradenton City Elders in bringing a pretty decent catalogue of beers to the region. We appreciate your support!

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